Covid is STILL a Major Health Problem

Vaccinated people now make majority of COVID deaths in US: Report | World News – India TV

    • to the new analysis of federal and state data.*

“ In September 2021, vaccinated people made up just 23 per cent of coronavirus fatalities. In January and February this year, it was up to 42 per cent," the report mentioned.

The death among vaccinated people is increasing due to the waning efficacy of Covid vaccines and “increasingly contagious strains of the virus being spread to elderly and immunocompromised people” among those who have taken at least one vaccine dose.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said Kaiser Family Foundation vice president Cynthia Cox, who conducted the analysis on behalf of the Washington Post.

Actually Ms Cox is wrong. The Covid vaccines wear off; thus leaving people UNVACCINATED!
For old geezers like me-restriction of venues attended & mask wearing will be a fact of life as long as I live.


Yup. I still wear my mask in public buildings. Michigan reports covid cases weekly. The state is still losing a couple hundred people to it per week.



This would be a national tragedy if it were a plane crash, yet it happens with regularity and is totally ignored.



250 a day still dying in the US, trailing 7 day average. And that’s with drastically reduced testing, so there’s probably a good number more dying who aren’t diagnosed/identified.

Every two weeks, more deaths than 9/11. 91,000 deaths per year at this rate.


Our County, Sonoma, CA stopped posting the case counts once it fell to single digits, so we don’t really know where we are, currently. Family, Grandson, 2 of my DIL’s family suddenly picked it up, one a repeat case, so likely the lessening of the masking is the cause… So here we go for thanksgiving, our Grandson is still positive, but it’s been nearly 10 days, and the test id very faint, so we’re going ahead with dinner, drinks this afternoon, evening with them and SIL’s parents. We’re all triple boosted, flu shots as well, but the other chunks of the family are too nervous to gamble, will stop by at a distance…

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The infection fatality rate is actually much lower because of the low reported testing rate. In addition the number who die from covid is lower than those reported who die with covid.


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I’d be interested in any scientific studies you may have to back up your assertion. Some people have made such claims throughout the pandemic, but excess mortality studies seem to indicate the opposite.


It doesn’t take any studies, just logic. Everyone who shows up at the hospital is tested for covid. A certain percentage of those who test positive will die. Of those who die, some will die from covid, but not not all who die will have covid as the cause.


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My nephew spent 6 weeks intubated in a hospital, which he went to because his reaction to Covid was severe, having waited to get help until no one really could help him. He got MRSA and died. Tell me, what did he die from? He wouldn’t have had to go to the hospital in the first place had he been vaccinated, but sure, lets blame the hospital for giving him MRSA.

rather keen on avoidance of problems in the first place


Your nephew died of COVID. He went to the hospital for COVID.

I think the poster above was talking about someone who went to the hospital for a heart attack or for a stroke or for cancer, and their COVID test upon entry to the hospital happens to have been positive. Later they die of heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc.

So sorry for your loss! May you know no more sorrow.

Problem is though that, pretty much since the start of the pandemic, Covid denialists have used that sort of nitwittery … “dying with rather than of Covid” … to suggest that the diseaae severity is being overblown. It’s nothing new. For years, anti vaxxers have been on similar rants WRT flu associated deaths …attempting to imply that inflated figures are some sort of plot between Big Pharma and Big gub’mint to sell more vaccines or something.


While true, that doesn’t change the fact that the number of those dying with covid is larger than the number of those dying from covid.

This poses other difficult questions, such as how does one explain a situation or counter an argument when a true fact is being used against you?

Most likely a topic beyond the scope of METAR.


I am sorry to hear of your family’s loss.

Your logic is faulty. Not everyone who shows up at the hospital is tested for Covid. My mom went to the emergency room last holidays with vomiting, a symptom that is sometimes associated with Covid. They did not test for Covid despite that being right when Omicron was running rampant. They said ‘there’s a lot of intestinal flu going around and this looks like that’, but they didn’t have any real reason to believe that it was not Omicron.

Not everyone who dies is tested for Covid. I’ve seen reports that in some areas of the country the designation of deaths as being caused by Covid was politicized in such a way that deaths that were clearly due to Covid were being designated as due to other causes, even with a positive Covid test and severe symptoms of Covid prior to death.

So, yeah, assertion without evidence and faulty logic. Show me some legit studies and I’ll think about believing it, in the meantime, excess deaths since the pandemic started are even higher than Covid deaths, so it’s more likely to be the opposite of what you say, from what I can tell.



asserted without evidence

No need to repeat yourself.


That’s funny. I almost always provide links.

Back to the topic at hand, from March:

“To better understand how Omicron and its subvariant impact transmission and severe disease, the CDC is reevaluating Covid-19 hospitalizations to decipher how many people are seeking care for the virus and how many tested positive upon arrival.”

From January:

" Tapper was reacting to comments CDC director Rochelle Walensky made on Fox News on Sunday that ‘up to 40 percent’ of patients had been admitted to hospitals with another medical emergency but had been later detected as having COVID."…

During a segment on Monday with CNN’s chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta…Gupta responded “it surprises me that they have not been able to parse out that data more carefully,” as he said CNN had been tracking data from New York State which Walensky had been referring to.

“There needs to be transparency about that in terms of ‘for’ or ‘with’ COVID,” said Gupta, who added that whatever the reason for admission, a COVID diagnosis demanded the use of more hospital resources.

New York State “is one of the few states that’s presenting it [COVID data] that way, for or with COVID. But other states should follow suit,” Gupta added.


Another link, this one from February about hospitalizations:

"The Biden administration is working on recalculating the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the U.S., according to two senior officials familiar with the matter.

"A task force comprised of scientists and data specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working with hospitals nationwide to improve Covid-19 reporting. The group is asking hospitals to report numbers of patients who go to the facility because they have Covid-19 and separate those from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted, the two officials said…

“Conversations about recalculating hospitalizations ramped up during the spread of Omicron, one of the two senior officials said. As the highly transmissible variant began to move throughout the country, hospitals began to see an increase in the number of individuals arriving for care for non-Covid reasons and testing positive during screenings, skewing the national hospitalization rates. Administration officials moved to recalculate hospitalization numbers to better understand the dangers of the variant.”


However, your subsequent Gish Gallop of links don’t pertain to the topic at hand…which was, essentially, that the actual Covid death rate is lower than reported because folk are dying with rather than of Covid.

It may well be that testing for Covid is routine with every hospital admission. That wouldn’t be an unreasonable thing to do given that someone with Covid can be infectious even if asymptomatic. That doesn’t mean that Covid is going to be listed as a cause of death if, say, someone exanguinated (proximate cause of death) from gunshot wounds (ultimate cause). Silly as that sounds, it’s certainly been the implication of the Covid denialists who roll with the “died with rather than of” attempt to bamboozle.


Yesterday’s WaPo article includes a graph from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It seems they have been tracking not only how many people are hospitalized with covid but also for covid. Currently less than a quarter are for covid.

Two infectious-disease experts I spoke with believe that the number of deaths attributed to covid is far greater than the actual number of people dying from covid. Robin Dretler, an attending physician at Emory Decatur Hospital and the former president of Georgia’s chapter of Infectious Diseases Society of America, estimates that at his hospital, 90 percent of patients diagnosed with covid are actually in the hospital for some other illness. “Since every hospitalized patient gets tested for covid, many are incidentally positive,” he said.


Whilst this may very well be true, that doesn’t mean that someone dying with Covid necessarily has it listed as THE proximate cause of death. From the body of the article…someone suffering from a gunshot wound may test +ve for Covid but if they bleed to death because of the severity of the wound then exanguination is the cause of death.

Conversly, should someone be admitted to hospital with severe Covid related symptoms and test positive but who by some quirk of fate, catch a stray bullet on the way to the hospital…one that merely nicks the skin and has stopped bleeding even before any care is rendered…of Covid might well be the appropriately listed cause of death if they do croak.

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