Crack in the Anti-Russian Coalition?………
Around 70,000 protesters marched in Prague on Saturday to demonstrate against the Czech government over rising energy prices and to demand an end to sanctions on Russia and arms shipments to Ukraine.

The protest included demonstrators from across the political spectrum, including the populist right-wing Freedom and Direct Democracy Party and the Czech Republic’s Communist Party.

The protesters voiced opposition to the EU and NATO and called for the center-right coalition government led by Prime Minister Petr Fiala to resign.


Germany Warns Russian Gas-Supply Woes Will Test European Unity

“We must be prepared that this aspect of division will be a central building block of Russia’s hybrid warfare in the coming months,” she added. The key issue for the EU will be “whether we’ll be able to secure the gas supply for all people in Europe or not,” Baerbock said.

Yeah then if there ain’t enough gas for everyone: who decides who gets gas & who is left in the cold?

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Klaus Mueller, president of Germany’s Federal Network Agency energy regulator, said in August that even if Germany’s gas stores were 100% full, they would be empty in 2-1/2 months if Russian gas flows were halted completely.

Germany’s storage facilities are now about 85% full, while facilities across Europe hit an 80% target last week.

"There’s plenty of scope to replace that (Russian) gas with LNG imports for now, but when the weather turns cold and demand starts to pick up in the winter in Europe and Asia, there’s only so much LNG out there that Europe can import,” Mandel said.

European gas prices rocketed as much as 30% higher on Monday after Russia said one of its main gas supply pipelines to Europe would stay shut indefinitely, stoking renewed fears about shortages and gas rationing in the European Union this winter.

Even if adequate gas supply is obtained the EU citizen will pay a stiff price for solidarity.

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Yeah then if there ain’t enough gas for everyone: who decides who gets gas & who is left in the cold?

Does this mean Putin should give you personally orders? Perhaps decide where you live? Or if you are executed?

My family has faced that in Eastern Europe.

If you want to settle by all means…

But do not expect Russia or Putin to end this war.

Heard on NPR today something that was an eyeopener, “this war actually has been going on for eight years already”.

I guess you are the only one who knows how to get peace out of the Russians.

I wonder how many of those protesters remember 1968?

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I wonder how many of those protesters remember 1968?

Considering their party affiliations they want to be killed or kill. Not that they fully know that.

The Nazis early on did not realize just how many of them would get killed. The limiting of intelligent thought is necessary to be in those parties. It is an actual confrontation with the leadership as in “be as stupid as hell or get out of here. Believe what we tell you or else”. It is a full on manipulation of people. It is power for some. Mis-defined.