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Strike First, Strike Hard: How George Kurtz Has Built CrowdStrike Into a Cybersecurity Powerhouse…

CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz Takes Big Swings At Microsoft, SentinelOne…

Very worthwhile read - an article about CrowdStrike which touches on many key things including their war against Microsoft - who competes viciously on pricing and claims they can get customers to simply add on MSFT security.

These two pieces discuss how easy it is to add CRWD on AWS and through other vendors, how strong Kurtz’ leadership is, how committed he is to building things right, even when that means breaking things he’s previously built and there’s a lot more here. This publication CRN seems extremely well-funded and reputable and they rank Kurtz as the 9th most influential leader in the world, beating out many heavy hitters.

Of note he aggressively pushes ZS and Okta as partners to combat Microsoft and relentlessly advocates for their group approach, to keep businesses from being vulnerable to a single vendor.

Seems to me those of us who sold Okta should consider moving it back up high onto the watch list.

I also love how aggressive Kurtz is in going after SentinelOne. He doesn’t fear calling them out and going after them and comes off as a poker player playing pocket aces. I think a lesser CEO would fear giving Sentinel One increased attention. Whether going after the big dog or up-n-comer, Kurtz goes to war vs. all comers.

Though it’s frustrating to see every single one of our companies have to compete against the big four or be threatened by them it seems that companies with bold, visionary leaders are winning making the case that their focus is a strength.

I think these are must read pieces for CRWD investors.

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Hey Dan - Thanks for calling this out!

Here’s the correct link to the 1st article about George Kurtz.…


This is probably the most salient quote for me:

“It’s not like you show up on a cloud workload and you’re replacing McAfee and Symantec,” Kurtz said. “There’s just nothing there. I think it is really an underprotected area, and I think it’s an under-represented TAM [total addressable market].”

It’s an important indicator of green pastures in addition to rapid growth in the cloud.

NOTE: This statement pertains to AWS only. Microsoft AZURE and Google Cloud services are served differently.