Crowdstrike: Bert's Article

His subscribers like me had it several days ago, but it’s now on Seeking Alpha:…

It’s called: Crowdstrike, A Blow-Out for the Ages

You can guess what he thought of the earnings report and conference call. I agreed, which is why I’ve been adding so much to Crowdstrike.




In light of Broadway Dan’s excellent backstory write up, 64901 for those that haven’t read it, I wondered if you had thoughts on buying stock in a company run by someone who I am not certain I would want as a friend.

For me, though a happy shareholder of crowdstrike and who recently bought some more , it sits badly .

Thank you for all that you do.



Hey Jonathan,

Not to speak for Saul but the lesson I am taking from this board really is there are essential numbers that do the vast bulk of the talking. If those numbers meet x criteria allthe rest works itself out.

In other words, the stuff creative guys like me look at are rife w bias, speculation, drama and the value of playing armchair ethicist/psychologist is questionable.

I put the actionable value of my post at around 2-5% w an outside chance of It catching something big, e.g. Alperovitch’s departure. The real value here is done by the heavy lifters. My kind of narrative stock analysis is really just a single unquantifiable metric.

And lastly I actually like Kurtz and would kill to have a mega crime fighter like him as a friend. Gotta break some eggs to make the omelet.




I have no issue with what you say , mine was more of a philosophical question. This is getting a little off topic so out of respect I shall leave it with the following :

In the 1980’s when I worked for a brokerage house , I would not recommend to client nor buy for myself drug companies since I find the whole thing wrong. Please answer privately if anyone wishes since this is too off topic and I use it for illustrative purposes only.

Similarly, if Kurtz is a jerk and a liar then I will have pause even if the company does fantastically well which I believe it will hence my original investment.

Take care.