CrowdStrike FalCon2022 Investor Briefing

On Sept 20th 2022 during the FalCon in LasVegas there was an Investor Briefing.

Landing page here:…

There is a video webcast and accompanying PDF (link on landing page) which is quite large (47 pages only) but takes a while to load.

The video webcast is about 2 hours and 55 minutes (light registration to listen).

I have listened to parts of it, and I will get another block of time to listen to this again and make some notes as well.

Briefly: the video has 4 parts

  • George Kurtz (CEO) and Mike Sentonas (CTO) presentation
  • Mike Sentonas interview with IDC analyst Frank Dickson (I really like that chat)
  • Jim Seidel (CSO) chat with partners, MSSPs and customers (I skipped that for now)
  • Q&A session with CRWD leadership (very good questions and answers) (CEO, CFO, CTO and CSO)

As I go over the video again I will post some more notes in this thread. In the meantime I suggest investors review the PDF

Overall message I heard was that Crowdstrike is a PLATFORM, not and ENDPOINT only company. It has XDR => Context Analyze and Respond, but it’s also a SIEM company, but it also has Observability capabilities with recently renamed and relaunched module LogScale (renamed from Humio)
They did mention 22 modules quite frequently.

We’ll add notes later, have a listen if you can and review the docs.

Cheers! Baconski