Crowdstrike's Press Release Announcements

Crowdstrike just came out with at least these press releases in the last 24 hours (I may have missed some). I don’t understand anything about the tech but some of you may. Here are the titles:

CrowdStrike Introduces Falcon Discover for IoT to Help Organizations Gain Visibility and Reduce Risk Across IoT and OT Environments

CrowdStrike Expands CNAPP Capabilities with Introduction of CIEM to Monitor, Discover and Secure Identities Across Multi-Cloud Environments

CrowdStrike and Coalition Join Forces to Transform Cyber Insurance Readiness

CrowdStrike Unlocks XDR for All EDR Customers and Expands Third-Party Integrations Across All Key Security Domains

CrowdStrike Drives the Convergence of Security and Observability with Introduction of Falcon LogScale and Falcon Complete LogScale

CrowdStrike to Acquire Reposify to Bolster Visibility and Reduce Risk Exposure of External Assets