CrowdStrike responds

I thought this was a great response to the last few weeks:

“ The stock has plunged to about $55 a share from a record of $101 a share in late August, which was hit a few months following a very well-received June IPO. The million-dollar question right now is whether the selloff is absurdly overdone for such a red-hot cybersecurity firm.

CrowdStrike co-founder and CEO George Kurtz continues to be in high spirits, fresh off a whirlwind 100-day tour with 100 of its top customers. No talk of recession in those talks, nor indications of customers looking to curtail their cybersecurity spending in a world where a nasty hack always lurks.

“From my standpoint, we are excited about the business,” Kurtz tells Yahoo Finance. “I think Warren Buffett said it best — if somebody bought a stock would they be happy owning it five years later if the stock market shut down. From our standpoint, we continue to add value to the company and think long term. So there will always be ups and downs in the stock market, but as long as we service customers we think that’s the best approach.”

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