CRTO advice?

CRTO had a bounce today. It’s one of my few remaining “might want to cleanse the portfolio of this one” stocks.

It’s a small position (was 2%- now 1.2%) down 33% for me, even with the nice bounce today. Anyone else on this board following this stock? Unless someone else here is bullish on it- it seems like dumping time.

To me, it doesn’t “appear” promising so I would prefer to put that cash someplace more promising.

Thanks for any input.


I still have some CRTO left, though I sold half of it.
What I have been doing is selling Calls and making some money while waiting for the stocks to get called away.
I closed out a 42.50 C yesterday and I am trying to sell the $30C today
In hindsight, I should have just sold the stock.
Saul is able to sell a stock when a story changes, I am not as good in selling stocks.
Live and Learn, that is why I am on this board, Erik


The time to sell CRTO was back in August when it failed to hold the 200 DMA at $43. That’s when I got out.

Too late now, IMO. Since this is only 1.2% of your portfolio, I’d just hold and hope for a rebound.

Hi Bob, I have a position in CRTO and it sounds like I’ve had a similar experience as you have. I’ve so far just decided to hold for a while. It seems to me the numbers still look good and that most of the decline was over analysts speculation about ad blocking popularity.

When I look at the numbers they still don’t look bad. The revenue growth has slowed just a bit but still 54% last quarter over the same period prior year. The only bad news I recall from the last quarterly was the EPS was down from the prior year about 40%. The second quarter of the year was about the same and lower than first quarter. Seems like some of their costs have increased as they work towards growing.

I’m planning to hold for a while longer to see how things play out, but I certainly understand finding a better place for your money.

Hope this helps in some way. Brian

If you subscribe to Stock Advisor there’s a current re-recommendation write-up from Tom Gardner’s team. I’m not sure what I can share with non-subscribers - I probably have already said too much, so I’ll leave it at that.

When I look back at the last four quarters of adjusted earnings I see: 37 28 15 16.

It’s hard for me to get excited about that sequence, even at today’s reduced prices, especially with the threat of more and more ad blocking and regulation on the horizon, especially in Europe, but that’s just my worrisome nature. I know they say they are investing in the future, but I’d rather invest in a company that is growing and growing earnings too.



I agree. I initially liked this company when I looked at the numbers, in spite of the fact that I felt dirty investing in in because I hate ads and the excessive information these companies gather…
I liked it less after ad blockers became more ubiquitous, and I still can’t get excited about it. I think there are better opportunities, especially in some names that have sold off recently

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