CRTO Conviction?

I have just now completed my analysis of CRTO (a bit late possibly) and I was just wondering how Saul and others feel about the company at present.

It seems like the revenues are growing pretty nicely (not sure how much room is left) and EPS is slowing a bit as they add people to support the growth.

It looks like a reasonable investment even though the P/E is pretty high.

What is everyone thinking at this point for CRTO?

I appreciate the responses. Brian

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I think this is a $60 stock, give or take, in the shorter team. It was once, and it will go back “for real” this time, with foundation under it. If you believe in 1YPEG parity (the idea that the per-share value of a company is reasonably ascertained using the 1-year PEG calculations), then the share price should be somewhere in the $220s. Reality is somewhere in between those two numbers, IMO, and I temper that higher number heavily given the rest of the global economic headwinds (Greece, China, the next big news story out of Russia, Iran, etc.).

CRTO was one of the very first stocks I bought in my self-managed brokerage acct after doing quite a bit of research and analysis, and has done extraordinarily well (I’m right at ~80% for the first batch). I wish I’d bought 10x more on that first pass. I did buy another equal share (doubled my holding) a few months ago when it dipped.

Just my thoughts… worth exactly what you paid for them.

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