Crude oil <$90bbl

Lowest since Russian invasion of Ukraine


Here you go, TB, some charts for the fossil fuels. The gasoline weekly chart $GASO shows gasoline contract prices are dropping to a 2-year, 5-month old trendline. If that gives way, I will be searching for the next new bottom to purchase 3x energy ETFs.

Note: charts for “contracts” of commodities settle end of day 4:30 PM on stockcharts and do not reflect changes during the trading day. So if you open one of these charts today, Friday, 4 AUG 22, you’re seeing the last look for yesterday.

To see all the charts which I write data tables for end of week, go here. All indices, ETNS, and ETFS will update during the day and usually will show you last price with a 15-minute lag, unless you are a subscriber to

$WTIC Light Crude weekly chart

$WTIC Light Crude monthly chart

$BRENT Brent Crude weekly chart

$BRENT Brent Crude monthly chart

$GASO Gasoline contract weekly chart

$GASO Gasoline contract monthly chart

$NATGAS Natural Gas contract weekly chart

$NATGAS Natural Gas contract monthly chart