Cruising and crime

We just watched a half hour show on NetFlix. “Patriot Act” with Hasan Minhaj. If you are planning a cruise, this is suggested viewing. I can’t remember the details but it is scarey. Once you are in international waters there are essentially no laws except for the captain. If you are assaulted, you may get sympathy, but that’s all. No international law at sea. If you get hurt, forget about fair compensation. No lifeguards at the pools?

… OK, I wasn’t going to take a cruise anyhow.


All travel has some risk. We have been on over a dozen cruises and will be going on one later this month. The biggest risks for cruises are your traveling companions and abuse of alcohol/drugs.

Make certain that your traveling companions have no reason to hurt or kill you and don’t flash expensive jewelry. If you are in an abusive relationship, don’t go on a cruise with that person.

I’ve occasionally watched cruise killers. As with at home, it is those you know that are the highest risk.


I don’t recall the details, but I seem to remember that someone tossed someone overboard (several years ago?). It was caught on ship video cameras (they apparently have a lot, we’re just usually unaware as they are unobtrusive). I’m sure the person was prosecuted, but I don’t know where or how.

Though there have been some “disappearances” over the years, so it is wise to travel with someone trustworthy.

A few people also fall overboard because they’re too drunk to stand. I think I heard about a case right before COVID.

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So the captain could commit murder and get away with it?

So the captain could commit murder and get away with it?

If the captain sufficiently covered up the murder. If docked or within 12 miles, authority falls to that country otherwise normally to where the ship is registered.

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