Am I crazy?

I just finished booking a 7 day cruise on the Celebrity Edge. It leaves Ft Lauderdale on March 13th, and it goes to Nassau, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Grand Cayman.

I’m 78 years old. I had a mild case of Covid in early January 2021. Since then, I received 3 Pfizer shots, the last in October, as well as a flu shot.

Right now, the CDC has Mexico at Level 4, the worst rating.

The way I see it, I am taking on a reasonable level of risk. I could get infected at home because I do go SOME places (not indoor restaurants, thank you).

I have been assured that 100% of the cruise passengers and crew will be vaccinated. We all have to take a Covid test within 2 days of boarding. The cruise line has set safety protocols that sound prudent.

I have until March 11th to cancel and get a full Future Cruise Credit. What do you think?

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If you were crazy, you wouldn’t ask.

We have a Caribbean cruise scheduled for the end of February and we are going. Fortunately, it’s a chartered cruise and passengers under 12 aren’t allowed. We are fully vaccinated and boosted. Husband is over 70 and I’m over 65.

Cozumel is level 3 not 4. Infection rates are dropping.

Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years pushed the local infections rates into purple. Hospitals weren’t overloaded because of the high vaccination rates. We are starting a self imposed isolation to avoid contracting COVID before the cruise. The local positive COVID test rates were in the high teens. It will be safer on the cruise ship with everyone vaccinated and recently tested than going to Costco. Still we have travel and medical evacuation insurance.

We have several fully vaccinated friends who have contracted COVID. Unlike those we know who were unvaccinated, they recovered. The one who has COPD, is overweight and is over 60 had an unpleasant time but recovered. The neighbor who is over 80 and contracted COVID while recovering from surgery had a mild case.

A friend is on a trip to Israel. It went on the avoid list after they were already in Israel. So far, so good.

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I agree, if you were crazy you wouldn’t ask.

That said, I think it’s a bit premature. Hopefully things will be better in about 6 months. That was the earliest I felt comfortable scheduling a cruise (to Alaska). Can still cancel if need be, but I hope it will be a “go” by then.

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I presume you’ll take sensible precautions, and so I don’t see Covid as being the primary consideration. For myself, it would come down to the risk/reward of a cruise stopping in “Nassau, Costa Maya, Cozumel and Grand Cayman.” Doesn’t get my heart thumping. Moreover, this review of the ship indicates that it’s not what I wouldn’t be looking for:

The draw of Celebrity Edge is within its name: It’s edgy. …Entertainment in the theater is loud and influenced by today’s top hits. … [T]here’s a good chance past Celebrity cruisers, expecting the quiet sophistication that they’ve come to know and love from the line, are not going to be thrilled. In fact, many traditional cruisers may have a hard time with the ship. There are no quiet lounges for casual evenings of light music and a drink with friends…

If this is what you’re yearning for, go for it. If not, not.


THANK YOU for reminding me to check Cruise Critic, MisterFungi. Overall, the professional review was pretty positive, although I will agree that “this is not your Daddy’s cruise ship.”

I’ve been on 12 previous cruises. The most recent was on the Celebrity Summit, which I liked a lot.

I think that 7 of my cruises were on Holland America. That line caters to a more “mature” population.
I had some WONDERFUL cruises with them. Now I’m trying something new.

I always manage to have a good time when I cruise. My first cruise was on Carnival, and the timing was great because I enjoyed the company of lots of nice people. My second Carnival cruise was pretty lousy. Lots of young people, and a very crowded, disorganized venue. I avoid Carnival now.

I was able to get a nice veranda stateroom at a good price. Drinks, WiFi, and tips are included these days (the review you cited is outdated). I think I’ll be very happy to gaze at the sky and the sea, especially if I luck out and meet some interesting people.

By March 11th I’ll decide whether this is a go. As I said, I can get a full credit up until then.

Thank you ALL for your feedback.


Check out the passenger reviews of the Edge. Here’s what one wrote:

We ate at all the main dining restaurants and all were delicious.
Entertainment- we enjoyed all the shows but our favorite was Karen Grainger, the female impressionist. Hilarious!

Summary- the Edge is a stunning ship. Our favorite aspects were the magic carpet, rooftop garden and Eden. Our sailing had only 950 passengers so we were very spoiled with no lines anywhere. On one morning I was the only person around the pool! Crew service was outstanding. Some days I felt like we were on our own private yacht, lol

That was not the only glowing review. The Edge sounds very attractive. It’s NEW and clearly state-of-the-art. It would seem to appeal mainly to adults. I’m hoping for outstanding service.

After 12 cruises, I think I know what I’m looking for. I’m much more familiar with the ports in the Eastern Caribbean, so this will be an adventure. Isn’t that what travel is about? (wink)


What do you think?

I think everyone has their own level of risk/comfort to assess.

I go to indoor restaurants, and usher community theatre performances.

Go, don’t go.
Entirely up to you.

peace & YMMV