CRWD and Preempt aquisition

Preempt acquisition by CRWD
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Cut from short article:
Preempt Security, a leading provider of Zero Trust and conditional access technology - conditional access technology. The addition of Preempt’s technology to the CrowdStrike Falcon platform will help customers achieve end-to-end visibility and enforcement on identity data.

“With the addition of Preempt Security’s capabilities, the CrowdStrike Falcon platform will provide enhanced protection against identity-based attacks and insider threats,” said George Kurtz, co-founder and chief executive officer of CrowdStrike. “Combining Preempt’s technology with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform will help customers achieve end-to-end visibility and enforcement through identity, behavior and risk-based decisions to stop attacks in real time.”

“We are thrilled about joining CrowdStrike, the industry leader in stopping breaches that shaped modern endpoint security and pioneered the Security Cloud,” said Ajit Sancheti, Preempt’s co-founder and chief executive officer. “Combining Preempt’s identity security expertise with CrowdStrike’s incredible scale and threat telemetry, we will be able to offer customers complete protection for hybrid workloads and remote workforces wherever they are.”

I’m ordering what this means for CRWD’s relationship with OKTA, they’re being in an alliance with Sharepoint and …? Frienimies at best apparently.

I’ve been whatchimg OKTA holding up their numbers; but, not as well as some. Many here have been decreasing their allocation. I’ve completely sold out of OKTA and added to CRWD and a little to WORK, having already sold much of OKTA to buy a lot of Slack already (having pounded the table here for WORK already I’ll leave it at that.

Anyone else thinking of further decreases in allocation of OKTA on this news?



While I am unable to bring in really helpful tables from Preempt Security And OKTA websites, an article on Seeking Alpha: CrowdStrike: Advancing With Identity Security
CRWD Kay ode Omotosho Today, 3:22 PM And not being able to bring in links to Seeking Alpha, I recommend reading both.

A snip from the seeking Alpha article-
“While the competition in the IAM space is worth highlighting, the acquisition of Preempt appears to be an inevitable move that will foster more collaboration. CrowdStrike’s cloud platform will strengthen its positioning, as most IAM players are still migrating customers to their cloud solutions. I think it will be easy for customers that have hesitated to migrate to cloud platforms to jump ship and pick CrowdStrike. This is mostly true for solutions that are closely tied to cybersecurity. Some identity and access management solutions have evolved due to the need to simplify the usability of IAM solutions for enterprise apps and users. This is especially true for players like Okta. Okta’s cloud-native platform is also an advantage as it acquires market share“.

What I’m sure is an oversimplification: OKTA being only in the Cloud and Preempt being functional in both Cloud and on-Premier and integrated with OKTA, PING, and MS and CRWD further expanding with Preempt as yet another module, not to mention CRWDs Blitzscaling, I’ve never been more excited about CRWD!

Thank you Andy and Mauser for the Blitzscaling articles from each of you!