OKTA acquires a cloud security company

OKTA just made what I think is a huge announcement by acquiring a company called ScaleFT. https://www.zdnet.com/article/okta-acquires-zero-trust-secur…
. I had to do some digging because I hadn’t heard of scaleft before. Basically the old way of allowing people to access stuff on your network was to give them a log in and password. If you
had access to the network you could more or less do whatever you wanted once you got past the firewall. Google led a new initiate called zero trust security. Instead of trusting because a person is in your network now for everything they access they have to verify that are supposed to be using that access. Then they are trusted and allowed to use whatever resource they were trying to access.
This is a pretty big move by OKTA into cloud security and VPN type products. I would consider this a very positive move that greatly expands their TAM, by multiple billions…if they can pull it off. Based on my initial reading Scaleft had a good reputation. This company makes TONS of sense because OKTA already controlled the log in and now they can provide security along with it. Really great synergy.
OKTA is no longer a single sign on company, they are now more of a identity management, cloud security company. I am very excited about this and consider OKTA to be a much more attractive company based on their expanded business use case. I’ll be very interested to see how the integration goes.