CRWD releases

Crowdstrike this morning posted 2 press releases, one for a new product, another an expansion on existing capabilities. Links below, I don’t understand the technicals enough to comment whether either of these are a big deal, but I assume as they continue to release new capabilities, they will continue to grow/expand their base.…

…today introduced Falcon OverWatch Cloud Threat Hunting, the industry’s first standalone threat hunting service for hidden and advanced threats originating, operating or persisting in cloud environments. Armed with the industry’s first cloud-oriented indicators of attack (IOAs) for the control plane and detailed adversary tradecraft, OverWatch Cloud Threat Hunting delivers unparalleled visibility into cloud environments to observe and disrupt the most sophisticated cloud threats.…

…today announced powerful new Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) capabilities that build on its leading agent-based and agentless approach. These enhancements to CrowdStrike Cloud Security extend support to Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) within AWS Fargate, expand image registry scanning for eight new container registries and enable Software Composition Analysis (SCA) for open source software.

Releases not enough to help their stock price today, as tech/high growth is again getting pounded the last 3 days, wiping out last week’s good first 4 days. Doesn’t look like we’ll see a lasting rally until we get some good news on inflation, or Fed loosening their hawkish stance… maybe tomorrow? Who knows.


Also just released:…

CRWD is “setting up a large Israeli R&D center based on a huge acquisition.” The company name has yet to be announced. The acquisition is set be for as much as $2 billion. CRWD would not comment on the report.

CRWD sounds like it is not slowing down, despite what is going on in the world around it. I added some today and see this company as having a bright future.

Hang in there everybody. This will all pass.