Crypto picks n shovels?

We’ve seen the warnings about writing down and saving your wallet password.

Many folks neither understand how to use cryptocurrencies nor how to invest in them…
It’s all so confusing.

We’ve also seen the meme about the gold rush 1849 gold miners didn’t make the money, but rather those businesses who sold “picks n shovels” made the money.

In that POV, are there companies who are trying to demystify blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Would they be potential investment opportunities?

Here are two that I’ve heard of (I am NOT recommending them - they are just two examples!):

Algebraix is supposedly trying to make blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies “easy to use”


Bitcoin Services (BTSC)…

Be aware, BTSC started life as a biotech company, then reinvented itself. BTSC styles itself as a service company for those wanting to use blockchain technology, and or buying and selling cryptocurrencies. And???

This is NOT a recommendation for either company.

Are there other “services” companies? How about a company that promises to save your password, and prevent the “you can see your Bitcoin, but you can’t touch em” horror stories? Such a company, removing a fear, would go a long way toward supporting adoption of cryptocurrencies?

Ralph :slight_smile: