Stock Picking - how to?

Hello All,

Have we discussed stock picking in detail? I may have missed it during the shuffle to the new forums. If so, please let me know.

As a long time lurker at the Mechanical Investing forum, I have always been impressed by the screens that they develop and backtest.

Quill and Arindam and others -

  • Do you have some favorites that you look at from their screens?

  • Do you have your own method of screening that you would be willing to share?

  • Are there some hard and fast rules that you use? Market cap, FCF, volume,…etc.

  • Are there some industries that you avoid? Banks, REITs, Utilities, …etc.

I’m just trying to sift the huge number of stocks and ETFs to a manageable number.

Mechanical Investing has been good to me over the years, but now that I’m retired I am very attracted to the risk management and slow steady growth of swing trading.

Thanks for all your knowledge and instruction!




The boys on the Mechanical Board have stock-picking and asset-selection wired. Them’s who you should be looking to for ‘how’to’s’.

What Quill and I focus on --if I can presume to speak for him-- is methods of vetting those stock picks technically for the purpose of making short-term trades. The Mechanical Board focuses on longer holding-periods, typically a month minimum before rebalancing.



Thanks - I understand that MI has a longer timeframe. What I’m looking for is(are) the method(s) you and Quill use to filter the stocks and arrive at the ones you chose to trade.



Again, I’m presuming to speak for Quill. But he writes scripts and runs scans at StockCharts. I depend on some legacy software, no longer sold or supported, that can slam through 100 stocks per second to find the few that might be breaking out. Both of us then hand-chart what the screens kick out, each of us vetting them with slightly different templates.

If it’s stock picks you’re looking for, every broker has a screener, as does places like FinViz, Yahoo Finance, etc. In fact, everyone and his cousin will tell you, “Buy this. Buy that.” How good those tips are is a whole 'nother matter. LOL

Also, if you use TD AmeriTrade’s TOS platform, there are beaucoup tutorials on how to write scanning scripts, plus the firm will provide free consultations, and pre-covid, they used to host free workshops put on by some really good instructors.

Also, you might want to take a look at Domash’s book (or similar).



I work in a field where people always have a stock tip and I have one question for them - how much did you buy? Usually they haven’t bought any and are just telling me something they read or someone else told them.

Then there are people like Arindam and Quill who show how they research and what they are thinking with results. You decide which technique you prefer…doc


“The Simple Simon Trading Method.”

“Petty Ca$h - per Simon’s Werld®”

“Tyme has come today in beating the market.”

Kwik Buck,

I hope you perused through the above to get an idea how we buy and sell stocks/Efts via Simon Sez III two (2) simple rules and using the HA Smoothie from Barchart.

Recession is here and please learn how to use the Tetter Totter to help protect your ASSets.

I have been Tetter Tottering since 2006 - 2014 and 2014 - 2022. 2023 - with SPXL / SPXS and QQQ / PSQ and a few others as well per the Simon Sez III two (2) simple rules. It only takes minutes a day to make an informed decision. Simon Sez you can’ blow it.

I have been Swing Trading the same as HA Smoothie charts with TOS (think or swim) Trend Trader PRO since 2021.

Now, we have to listen to what Simon Sez to do with just two (2) simple rules.

a. BUY on the First GREEN Bar after the Last RED bar. No waiting.
b. SELL on the First RED Bar after the Last GREEN bar. No waiting.

I am also a subscriber to Stock Charts, Barchart, Traders Pro,

How to Become a Millionaire / How to Become Rich - YouTube for people who want to create a dividend investment portfolio. I have all of the same stocks plus another 20 more with as the author does. this very useful who like to Swing Trade the 2.5 per cent theory. I am on DAY 100 and DAY 101 out of DAY 365. At 500.00 starting position, earn over 4.3 million on DAY 365.

I find stocks for the 2.5 percent theory at All US Exchanges Five Day Gainers - . use columns 5DAvg Vol, highest to the lowest, then look at %chg, for stocks greater 3.0 percent. When found, click on the plus (+), then click on the Quote and see that 4 out of 5 days it is greater than 3.0 percent.
eg… found PALT.

Manage the following with risk and money management skills.

MCHP laid me off back on May 1st, 2007, at high noon. So, I bought the company’s stock.
COST wouldn’t hire me as a greeter at the door - bought the company’s stock.
CAR wouldn’t hire as a car transporter - bought the company’s stock.

Home - Unique ETFs that divide the S&P 500 into 11 sectors | Select Sector SPDRs I manage this portfolio. XRT is missing since 2006 via Simon Sez III via Stock Charts portfolios.

I also manage my wife’s’s matrix portfolio since 2007 via Simon Sez III. Ellevest is for women run by as staff of women.

This is my wife’s portfolio which I manage.

re: Simon Sez III, Simon IV
re: Lucas for women run by women.… this is the matrix I use for my wife’s portfolio.

  • The Matrix -



VO - VBR - BND - MUB - TIP - cash - FTGC

cash being OUSA

I use my Simon Sez II wait-one Day ARC to ARC strategy to Swing Trade them.

I use my Simon Sez III wait one bar Label to Label to Swing Trade them as the primary.

I use my Simon Sez IV per the rules for the Red Green signals.

As my pet spider LUCAS says " Be the spider and let the prey come to you. "Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo - YouTube go to page 5 to see The Matrix.


I Swing Trade $ETHUSD crypto coin with Robinhood and

For relaxation, I like to play Roulette and Baccarat at night for about an hour on

earning $500 to $600.00 a day with several strategies with a $1,300.00 bankroll.
When I hit the target, done for the day.

I wish you the Best.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader for over 45 + years and Investor for over 60+years
------------ Vision - Multi-Millionaire…Goal - earn 1.3% - 2.5% compounded Daily per the 2.5 percent theory.


re: 2.5 percent theory in buying stocks in advance

At around 3:50 to 3:55 pm, place a Buy at ASKED PRICE as a MARKET order. Sometimes it will get picked up right away the following morning.
And then at time you will be sold out the same day. Otherwise on average 3 days later.

Quick Buck,

I forgot to mention other activities that I use for further reseach projects.

Chart of the Day I sometimes get Emails from CHART OF THE DAY to review.

Next is PXO- Lifetime member for the past 3 years.
Very powerful software.

Quill -

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I’m looking real hard at $PERI and wondering your thoughts on this one. Mike - pay attention to how they analyze this question/stock…doc


Here’s my take on PERI.

PERI is of no interest to me technically as a ST trade, because it’s already run up.

Here’s a quick snap shot of its fundamentals.

My take? Healthy company, but not going to go higher. PASS.



Thank you so much, it popped up on the radar for me and looked interesting due to its clients, growth, and financials. Now I’ll just watch…doc


Yes, do put PERI on a watchlist. It’s exactly those kinds of companies you’d want to be bidding on after the market/economy crashes.

When’s that going to happen? Who knows? But we all know that it inevitable, given the discrepancies between income and spending at both the public and private levels, never mind this county’s disastrous foreign policies and the fact most of the non-western world is increasingly finding ways to bypass the $US.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this topic! I can see that I’m going to have to roll up my sleeves and flex my stock picking muscles (which are out of shape).

As an aside - I was going to dig into ThinkorSwim (ToS) and create some screens, but I have heard that Schwab (which bought TDA) doesn’t intend to migrate ToS until later this year. My TDA account is due to be moved this month so it looks like I’ll have to use something else for the time being. I just started a subscription with BarChart so I think it will be my first choice.

Has anyone else heard anything different about ToS?
I have been part of major software migrations in the past, so I don’t fault Schwab, just hate to put aside ToS until the migration is complete.




I know from several sources that Schwab isn’t going to mess with TOS, for a whole bunch of reasons. #1. It’s cheaper buy technology than to develop it. #2. The instant they shut down TOS, they’d lose nearly every one who currently uses it. #3. TD reps are actively phoning their customers, offering to teach them how to use it. #4 Schwab’s “active trader” platform sucks majorly (as does what Fido offers) and Schwab knows it and doesn’t care, because TOS users aren’t their core audience from whom they make the bulk of their money.

In short, use Schwab for what they do superbly well, namely, mutual funds, preferreds, and investing stocks. Stick with TOS if you intend to trade stocks or ETFs. Even better, keep both accounts.

Thanks Arindam, but I’m still confused. TDA was bought by Schwab and will be absorbed and cease to exist as a separate company. TOS is a platform that exists on top of TDA and which I get for free as a TDA account holder. When you say keep both accounts, do I need to subscribe to ToS separately from my new Schwab account?

re: PERI

as a guess, PERI will peak at around $45.00 as it did back in 2013.

As a Swing Trader using Simon Sez III rules. One can make a substantial amount of money. PERI had a sell signal yesterday earning about 35.9610 percent. Or 8.5K for 30 days of work at 10 minutes a day.

In my warehouse, I manage 4 PORTFOLIOS + RUNNING the 2.5% theory daily. I only look and read charts and avoid the noise these talking heads mumble. Basically, we follow what our peers are doing with their hard-earned money.

Today, I have some free time and was looking at Cathy Woods ARK portfolios. The HODlers (Hanging on for dear life) would take a pounding and complain they are losing money in value. While I and the folks who Swing Trade via Simon Sez are making a substantial amount of money with ease.

$14 Billion Cathie Wood Portfolio / ARK Invest Holdings Cathy appears to be buying and selling good stocks. I would have no trouble managing the ARKK and the stocks within. I’d setup the watchlists in Barchart or Stockcharts and let it rip via the Flip charts and let’s see what Simon Sez to do.

Took all but 15 seconds to look at the Sector SPDRs. 5 seconds to look at $ETHUSD - Ethereum to the US Dollar. All are making money.

Just ran two (2) scanning tools, one being Bullish 20 Ema over 200 Ema and found 42 candidates. Any stocks over the 20 ema (blue line) is good until it drops below the 20ema line.

Pecking order:

StockCharts - nobody beats Simon Sez instructions.
Barchart - with HA Smoothie and Simon III charts.
Firstrade -

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Now you’re confusing me, and it seems on the basis of better info than I have.

This is what I’ve been told by both Schwab and TDA reps, that the TOS platform won’t cease to exist. That’s all I care.

I just phoned Schwab. This is what the rep said, Yes, accounts will be merged under one login AND access to TOS will continue.

Doesn’t ^ethusd look like it is topping?



Ethereum can be traded via ETHE. Here’s how I’d chart it.

Right Arindam that is the Grayscale fund. Doesn’t that look like it’s heading down too?

Here is GBTC which is the Bitcoin Grayscale

That to me looks toppy but still running.

How would you read those Arindam?