CVNA : Carvana ..... crashing

Yikes, down 97% from the ATH ($360 per share, now at $7.32). Haven’t seen a chart like this since 2001 :slight_smile:

Warning : Some are predicting a stock price > $1.00 per share.



I will take the car at the top of the elevator please. :roll_eyes:


KMX is only down 50% YTD. Who would have thought that a statement like this would be made as a positive remark about a stock! If you were betting on one vs the other at the end of last year though, ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

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Some months later, …

I realize the salvage car business is different from Carvana’s primary business. However, with car inventory still tight, does the influx of flood-related vehicles in the car market put added pressure on Carvana?