Cyber Strength

This is just chart talk…
Cyber has had two power moves up in the last two days (good up on strong volume). This is in contrast to the market begin down pretty good. That strenght does say something. Notice that we bounced off the 50dma trend then came down and tested again, then another strong bounce. A good amount of this is likely due to our inept government that can’t keep the Chinese from hacking a ton of vital data. (at least they won’t open up a credit card with out our info, just blackmail government workers and cleared personnel later).

Anyway, the cyber security stocks are doing well, particularyly CYBR. FEYE not bad.
Palo Alto not bad:

But CYBR has the volume, so someone is eathing it up, taking supply off the market.

IBD snippet today:
'CyberArk Software (NASDAQ:CYBR) also reversed to the upside, ending with a 7% jump in triple normal trade. Shares of the security software maker surged back above a 69.10 buy point after triggering a sell signal last week.…

Congressional chatter on cyber security laws is helping……
Among several proposed data breach bills on Capitol Hill, two — both titled the Data Security Act of 2015 — would expand bank standards to retailers…

Spending on cybersecurity shows no signs of stopping, according to a Deutsche Bank report. Among the cybersecurity enterprises that may benefit are Palo Alto Networks (PANW), CyberArk (CYBR), FireEye (FEYE) and Check Point Software (CHKP), which have seen their shares steadily rise over the past year.

(ok, how about extending it to the US Gov. Jeez).

there are two types of companies, those that have been hacked and those that don’t know they have been hacked.

Note, back on June 11, CYBR prices a secondary IPO at $61 (mostly insiders selling). I notice a stock usually trades down to or below a secondary offering price. Not CYBR, they got a little close ($62) but have now bounced to $70.83 today. Another sign of strength.…
“CyberArk helps customers rethink their cybersecurity strategies by presuming the threat is already inside the network,” said Udi Mokady, its founder and CEO.

CyberArk’s 2015 first-quarter revenue was $32.9 million, an increase of 89% year-over-year. And revenue in 2014 was $103 million, an increase of 56% year over year

Also, the ETF HACK, concentrating in cyber security stocks is making it “easy” for people to “safely” invest in cyber stocks. Its market cap hit $1 billion the other week.

AMBA looks strong against the market, but it feels like it needs a nice rest after this strong run. Tons of volume and a big move over last couple of week.

One day I will post some real data on CYBR but I am overwhelmed at work at the moment. Never go on vacation!


Yup PH42 - I’m all in on this one and agree. I appreciate the post although the content doesn’t exactly fit with the Saul investing strategy. It is still interesting and useful for like minded investors to share and validate each other in a safe environment.

This board is an interesting and safe environment to operate in so I appreciate us being able to share ideas and content even when it goes beyond a particular board strategy.


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