Cybertruck Quality Control Problems?

When he first contacted Tesla, the owner claims that automaker said it didn’t cover coolant leaks under its warranty.
The automaker then reportedly relented and sent a flatbed to pick up the quickly broken EV.
I’m sure the owner had a “What The Hell!!” moment.

When the owner called Tesla about it, he said they initially stated that they didn’t cover coolant leaks under the warranty. “After a few choice words, they said they would send a tow truck,” says Cybeast.
I wonder if this person will buy another Tesla product.

They believe it’s at the service center now, but as of this writing, there’s no word on how long the fix will take. Other Cybertruck owners should be cautious: the automaker appears prepared to reject claims, even when it’s almost certainly a production error.

Hoovie just got his $100k Cybertruck. Windshield washer fluid leaking throughout the Cybertruck motor compartment.

13 days ago this article came out.

Month Of Hell: Tesla Cybertruck Owner Frustrated By Quality Issues

A creaking console, a dangling gear shifter, a busted tailgate and a botched pedal recall fix. What more could go wrong?

Since the launch of the Tesla Cybertruck at the end of 2023, we’ve seen many owners come forward with their experiences, both good and bad. Buying the first model year of a new vehicle can be risky since many issues are not caught until the vehicle is in the hands of actual owners. By necessity, early adopters must be pretty open-minded and accepting of the issues they encounter.
Bullshyte! If I had spent $90k to $100k for a vehicle. I would expect the vehicle to be darn near perfect.

We first spotted the forms on Bluesky by a post from automotive writer and critic E.W. Niedermeyer. An Etsy seller by the name of EverydayChrisTesla is selling a 10-page Tesla Cybertruck delivery checklist for $4.99. That price gets you a “comprehensive” .pdf document to help Cybertruck owners double check their own vehicles.
Poor quality of Teslas offer a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.
This is pretty sad, when you think about it. If Tesla completed similar checklists before delivery, customers wouldn’t need to inspect every inch of their immensely expensive purchase. In fact, the seller makes sure to mention that the checklists are “UNOFFICIAL” and, “created by a Tesla owner, but is not affiliated nor endorsed by Tesla, Inc.”


Lewis Black takes on the cyber truck, about 5 minutes:


He is too funny. “Good”!

I do not think we have a car company or a tech company. Maybe a cheap stainless steel company?

And when it starts to RUST…

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