Cybertruck review videos now posting

Really liking this particular video, and it has some great info on the previous vehicles that were tested.

This is from Hagerty, but I see others this morning like Top Gear. Assuming there was some contract thingy of you can test drive it, but no posting till after deliveries start. (Shrug).

I really expected there to be a binary event today with Tesla stock. Either that presentation was so horrific that it would drop a lot, or the fact that deliveries are happening would cause it to go up…it’s just kinda drifting today.

My position is currently (short term) predicated on the cybertruck driving some revenue and excitement for next year, so we will see.


First ICE to hit a cybertruck? did not go well for one of them.

First reported Tesla Cybertruck accident results in only ‘minor’ injury - The Verge


Would guess this is a Tesla-owned vehicle as they are all over Page Mill Rd. in Palo Alto…
Screenshot 2023-12-30 at 9.52.25 PM

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