DataDog acquires Codiga --> Enhanced developer experience

DataDog just announced that they acquire Codiga, a provider for code analyses:

“Datadog’s acquisition of Codiga marks a new milestone in our journey to provide a comprehensive observability platform that caters to every aspect of the software development lifecycle. As we integrate Codiga’s powerful code intelligence features into the Datadog platform and expand Datadog’s observability features into code analysis, our users can look forward to an enhanced experience that helps them to develop and maintain high-quality software more efficiently than ever before.”

I think this is a nice move, because:

  • It underscores DataDog’s leverage by moving beyond observability and into developer experience (“shifting left”).

  • Codiga saves developers around 1/3 of their time by helping them write better code while reducing stress and time spent on fixing tech debt.

  • Static (or rule-based) code analyses cannot replace human code reviews, but they help catch many code and security issues and certainly make Tech Teams’ lives easier.

Nice small bite of news from DataDog in my opinion.

A piece of wishful thinking: It’d be pretty awesome if DataDog also integrates an AI-powered solution that supports developers in writing code more dynamically and “proactively,” in the future. :smiley:




The developer in me would like to point out that these kind of tools have been around since forever, so it’s not like Codiga saves a third of developers’ time. I’d leave it at:

  1. A lot of time is spent on refactoring, debugging, and whatnot. There are countless of ways to write code that’s likely to come back and haunt you or others later on.

  2. Lots of techniques, practices and tools can be used and are used to make life easier. A static code analysis tool like for example Codiga can be of great help.

Also, it’s worth noting a paragraph in Codiga’s announcement about this:

“On May 4th, all Codiga products (including the IDE plugin, command-line tool, and Git integration) will shut down. If you have a paid subscription with us, any remaining balance on your subscription will automatically be refunded at that time. […]”

So, this sounds like Datadog is acquiring technology and a small team.