Datadog Acquires Hdiv Security

Good Morning!

I just received this news release:…

I could not find the acquisition price online, but maybe it will be revealed during today’s earnings call.

It appears the target company is based in San Sebastian, Spain: Incidentally, I purchase steel from a company located near San Sebastian. It’s a beautiful coastal city located in the Basque region in the north of Spain.




According to Google HDIV has 43 employees so not a massive acquisition.

However, they seem to have some good customer success already:

Financial Services

4 of the Top 10 U.S. banks

3 of the Top 10 European banks

1 of the Top 2 Credit Card companies

1 of the most important ATM networks

Public Sector

3 U.S. government organizations

4 European government IT services departments

4 Asia government departments


3 of the Top 20 U.S. retail companies

1 of the Top 20 Asia retail companies

Industrial Sector

1 of the Top 5 World electrical energy companies

1 of the Top 5 World logistic companies

Pretty impressive for a startup.