DBE / strategies for the ‘not bullish&#82

Jim et al

Some years back Jim posted a backtest describing strategies for how to invest during periods when the 99 day rule no longer suggests we are in a bullish period.

My recollection is that the bests results involved something like 75% cash and 25% an inverse etf on either QQQ or SPY. That may have only applied when NHNL or all 3 bear catchers were bearish. I could not find it on the datahelper site and would appreciate it if Jim or someone else might be able to conjure it, perhaps with any new interpretation.

It will be interesting to see how far this new (?bear market) rally takes us, but a new 99 day high before the signal triggers seems unlikely at this point.

As funny as this might sound after the declines of the last few weeks I want to be prepared to make further adjustments in my strategy as we enter bearish territory.