BearCatchers 0 on IWM/small caps

For awareness; BearCatchers SMA Slope and DBE on the Russell 2000 (IWM) are also bearish (along with $NAHL). Combined 0 BCC on small caps using that index.



I just checked IWM and I don’t see the standard 99 day DBE test signalling, since there was a high in Nov.
It signals with about a 42 to 43 day lookback. Are you using a shorter period like this in your signal?

Except for the Nov. peak, it looks like the last year was up or down 5% from the 50 day SMA which was almost flat. Maybe day traders liked it, but otherwise, boring.


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RR, you’re right - spreadsheet glitch, sorry team. It actually went 99D bearish October 26, and then flipped back to bullish Nov 1st through 8th. Although the index is 7.8% below its ATH of 2360 set back on March 16th '21, technically the 99D will be “OK” until mid-April if the index doesn’t come back.