DDOG announcements - Condensed

”Datadog extends its network monitoring capabilities to provide visibility into on-premise data centers and hybrid-cloud network infrastructure”

This new product enables network engineers to monitor servers, routers, switches and firewalls in data centers, as well as access points in campus and branch office networks, directly from the Datadog platform.

…Network device monitoring enables network engineers to isolate the exact source of slow network communication…

”With Datadog Network Device monitoring, we are now able to bring detailed information form thousands of devices across out large-scale network into the Datadog platform alongside the resto of our apps, services and other infrastructure” -Infrastructure Operations Manager, Wayfair.

Datadog Launches Session Replay to Help All Organizations Build Better Digital Experiences

…Organizations can now observe how users navigate and interact with their website to draw insight into how long it takes them to makes decisions, what they hover over before clicking, how they respond to broken UI elements, and more. … Users can immediately pivot to relevant traces, logs and errors to correlate frontend information with additional backend context…

”Datadog Session Replay tells the user story for the business side of the fence,” - Senior DevOps Engineer, NielsenIQ. “It’s something that monitoring tools just haven’t been able to do before.”

“We’ve had users take an action that causes an error two minutes later, which makes it nearly impossible to debug,” -Front end developer, Mynd Property Management.

Datadog Introduces Datadog Apps to Extend Platform to Third-Party Applications

… a program for partners to build applications that provide seamless workflows between partners’ products and the Datadog platform. Launch partners include Embrace, Fairwinds, Harness, LaunchDarkly, PagerDuty, Rookout, and Shoreline…

”Datadog’s community of 16,000 customers can now more easily release new features with greater control and confidence” -Principal Product Manager, LaunchDarkly.

Datadog Introduces Online Archives for Log Management to Support Historical Investigation and Analysis

…an always-on log warehousing solution that provides 15 months or more of extremely cost-effective storage and live query capabilities. …With Online Archives, organizations will now be able to retain and search all of their log data for 15 months, for the same price as it currently costs to index data for one month. …also enables organizations to analyze extra high-cardinality trends over long time periods and correlate system forensics from metrics with application and user behavior from log data.

”…With Online Archives, we saw the opportunity to develop a solution that would break down silos even during their most complex investigations." -Dir. Product Management, Datadog.

-Priced at $2.50 /million events for 15 months log retention.

Datadog Delivers Industry-First Observability for Software Build and Testing Pipelines

…With insights into continuous integration pipelines, CI Visibility enables developers and engineering organizations to quickly determine and fix the root cause of issues detected in build and testing pipelines. …tracing the root cause of an issue detected during build and testing to a specific code change has become increasingly complex and time-consuming. These difficulties cause significant delays in releasing new software features and bug fixes. Datadog CI Visibility provides advanced monitoring and observability capabilities that not only help development and engineering teams understand when an issue occurs in their CI pipeline, but also provide the insights to help identify what the issue is occurring and how to resolve it. …

”…This experience offers an entirely new level of observability where developers need it most, and allows them to build, test, and ship faster." -COO Github

-CI Visibility pricing starts at $20 /user.

While I am no tech expert, from this chain of announcements coming from DDOG I see a continued focus on product efficiency. These announcements have the general theme of allowing the user to identify issues earlier and quicker which puts time back in their pocket, while further integrating DDOG into their workflow.

I believe that DDOG has entered a new stage of acceleration in revenue and that with these new products and further customer integration/dependence, we will continue to see revenue growth rather than contraction.

DDOG is my third highest conviction position at ~15%