DDOG Key Metrics

Here are a few key stats from DDOG’s earnings release. Numbers for the quarter are in millions Y/Y

Revenue 131248/70000 +87%

Gross profit 104769/51100 +105%

Op income 3778/(9662) swing from neg to pos

Adj(non GAAP) income 18786/(6871)

FCF 19312/(875)

Cash from ops 24725/3418 good increase

Year end cash on hand 198158/65794 tripled


…and for me, a Spiffy-pop AND double in one day (so far) …without the people here and Bert Hochfeld (subscriber) I would not know about DDOG and many other disrupters.

Like Saul (and Bear and many others here) says these companies and their products are needed not just “nice-to-haves.” I cover old school companies like 3M, BMW,and new school manufacturers like Proto Labs (PRLB), who have NOT suspended spending on digitizing their enterprises and information. This in light of layoffs and capex cuts. In fact PRLB at end 2019; and just last week reported progress; on completely revamping their legacy, in-house-made design data and on-line quoting system using “outside” software vendors.

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OOPS - Correction - how to misunderstand the Spiffy Pop term - I shoulda known…

Stock only :slight_smile: 22% today ($13 or so) My position $33ish so double but no spiffy, sorry

Definition here


fast corrections are not great but sometimes sufficient