Defending against drone swarms

Fast, small, agile, unpredictable. Drone swarms are already being used in Ukraine.

The U.S. military currently fields a hodgepodge of counter-drone systems that use different types of technology. They range from vehicles outfitted with radars and rockets to handheld jammers that make drones fall from the sky. Then there are lasers and even technology to take over a drone’s control system and send it to the ground.

The kinetic work in the Marine demo is done by Epirus’ Leonidas high-power microwave. A video posted on the company’s website shows a swarm of drones falling from the sky as they approach the truck-mounted system. [end quote]

The Army’s newest operational laser weapon may be undergoing testing in the Middle East, but the top general responsible for U.S. troops in the region is already looking ahead to bigger and better directed-energy systems amid a rising tide of adversary drones.

Speaking during a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing on Thursday, U.S. Central Command chief Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla argued that lawmakers should continue to invest in directed-energy weapons like high-powered microwaves rather than just high-energy lasers to combat the potential future threat of drone swarms…

While lasers provide point defense against individual drones, microwave weapons are widely considered a more effective blanket defense across a broader area, making them suited to deal with complex attacks involving swarms of multiple fast-moving drones…[end quote]

I don’t know whether any of these systems is field-ready yet.



The Russians were using Iranian built drones in Ukraine two years ago. I would expect a different model being used against Israel, due to the range from Iran.


Not by the Russian who are seeing their oil refineries going up in smoke but the Iranian offensive seems to have been neutralized.

The Captain


Strange thing. While the Israeli’s were on high alert (as was the US) and would have detected the drones in advance, it was Iran that told them hours in advance that the drones were on their way. It’s almost as if they wanted them all to be shot down.

I also heard that Jordan was shooting down drones that flew over their territory.

Nightmare scenario #1: one of the drones slips through and accidentally hits the Dome of the Rock.

I thought of that when I read that Jerusalem might be targeted. Targeting Jerusalem would be insane because of all the sensitive sites located there.



By doing something, Iran defends it’s honor.

Meanwhile, the Israeli “war cabinet” is meeting. Gantz vows retaliation, but no specifics about when, or what sort of retaliation.

Gantz said in a statement ahead of today’s war cabinet meeting that Israel will “exact the price” from Iran in response to the attack.

“We will build a regional coalition and exact the price from Iran in the fashion and timing that is right for us,” he said. “And most importantly, faced with the desire of our enemies to harm us, we will continue to unite and become stronger.”

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They should check out the tree-chopper highlighted in another thread.