Interesting coincidence

…given a recently posted and embarrassingly superficial You Tube video on health and well-being (and cholesterol denialism) and another thread on supplements.

I’m pretty sure that previous Attia podcasts have remained behind his perfectly reasonable paywall…in spite of my efforts to circumvent it … but this episode purports not to be.

In reality, although it’s certainly a nod to the layout of his Q&A sessions, where he addresses subscriber questions on some of the deep dive podcasts where he’s interviewed some of the heavy lifters on a selection of pretty heavy weight topics (not a picture of blocked PVC piping to illustrate non-points to be seen), it’s a little bit lame by comparison.

Regardless, a decent listen whilst on yer treadmill or on yer bum…with accompanying “show notes” to follow along with or eyeball ahead of time to see if it’s a topic you want to ignore.

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Apologies if it doesn’t work as anticipated. I see the posted link here says a 2 minute read…but when I click on it, it says over 30🤔

Edit: I did spot this YouTube snippet from the episode on Apo-b which is an easy access 10 minutes or so…important enough to be aware of (as most everyone probably is) but, you never know…

Did you listen to the podcast…with the nuances, caveats and context surrounding supplement usage? Not quite the same thrust as the NYT article.

I have not heard the podcast.

The willing suspension of disbelief is not science.

Well, I guess that much was obvious. How about the NYT article.

An interesting coincidence in its own way that it was the link you dumped since both are really good demonstrations of why it’s a good idea to listen/read beyond any titles (that are usually intended to scream Read Me!!!) as the body of accompanying articles…or podcasts…can take a different turn from the expected.

Per the podcast, Attia touched minimally on supplement usage (which reflects the degree of importance he places on them in the context of worthwhile things to do in the context of longevity and healthspan, I guess). The NYT article actually listed a few situations where supplements do have definite value …but was primarily concerned with lack of regulatory oversight. Which, in its way, is actually almost as important an issue as it is with pharmaceutical compounds for the folk who’re taking them for a perceived benefit.

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I have limited time. The POD cast is not my first priority with my time.

My point was suggestibility versus medical principle. Unless there has been enough reliable testing who knows squat? I am not worried about Attia. I am more worried about getting all that info and really very little is actually known.

The medical principle fewer pills if possible is better.

That said did you ever get back to me about K2 MK7?

No idea…why would I?

Supposedly K2 MK7 moves calcium from the blood stream to the bones. But there is scat all evidence of this. Some evidence perhaps and really very little testing.

Well there’s your answer. If I’m going to invest valuable time on a topic it needs to have a bit more going for it than this…at least a plausible mode of action, a rationale for use, discernable evidence and/or be of interest.

Selective listening to podcasts that fulfill most of these criteria is a worthwhile use of my treadmill time. Others’ mileage is obviously going to vary.

Honestly, I do not know if you are missing the boat on K2 MK7. You might be.

And that’s exactly the feeling that supplement manufacturers and their shills hope to produce in a credulous audience. For the most obscure and ridiculous claims…even for obvious WOO! and nitwittery like homeopathic remedies.

Quite apart fromy diet including plenty of foods that contain K2 or are fermented to it in my gut, it’s being added to all manner of supplement…including the multivitamin I take …as a marketing tool. Hard to avoid it these days. Evidence free and evidence proof.

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I do not take a multi vitamin. I do not think it is necessary. I do take vit D and vit K. Something like 100 mcg.

The only meds Crestor and Metformin.

I get what you are saying about the temptation of the public. We all sense it.

I am waving on K2. I do not like that. I will get an CAC in the next couple of years. In other words Dec 2019 was the last test. I might wait till Dec 2024. I am losing weight again. Whenever my weight is way down I might go for the test six months later.

The testing under those conditions is somewhat uncharted. Calcium is supposed to be permanent. But people naturally losing a lot of weight may have a different result. The idea as I understand it, calcium is imbedded in my arteries which happens to many people with age quite naturally. Almost like coffee stained teeth. I have no plague. It does not matter. It is scattered completely with nothing acting at all as a blockage.

That is common for some percentage of the public.