Denmark-Military Service Now Mandatory for Women

Denmark plans compulsory military conscription for women, as the Nordic country seeks to significantly boost the size of its armed forces.
The move can help Denmark meet its requirements under its NATO membership

I’m guessing Denmark has demographic issues.


I say good. There are plenty of non-combat* rolls that women can fill that would free up a man for combat. I think the USA should follow suit.

  • technically a fighter pilot or helicopter pilot is combat, but if you can meet the standard, I don’t care what you are.

“non-combat” roles, like cook and truck driver have been privatized, so someone can make a profit off it. Remember the controversy over KBR’s no-bid contracts in Iraq, and the secondary controversy that the soldiers riding shotgun on the trucks were making a small fraction of what the KBR truck driver next to them was being paid?

Then there was the case when a female soldier was captured by the Iraqis. Remember the nonsense we were fed about how she held out against the Iraqis until she ran out of ammo? Turned out the "official’ damsel in distress story was hogwash, reminiscent of the fake “hero” invented in “Wag The Dog”.

…but “protecting our womenfolk” is, apparently, part of Shiny “traditional family values”.

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One of my former partners served in the USAF and she was stationed in Afghanistan for a few tours. One of the most awesome pics of her was the trauma team rolling a soldier into the OR, total organized chaos, she is holding up IV and blood bags while the patient is being transported to the OR table. Easy to pick her out, statuesque blonde model among the blood, dirt, and equipment. Even in cammo. Should have been a Time mag cover.

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Do you have a picture to share?


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Sadly no. Just imagine a blonde Audry Hepburn.

Even had a patient one time comment about her previous surgery and she had that “striking” anesthesiologist. I’m thinking, what I am, chopped liver?