Desperate Need for More Charging Stations?

EV demand grew by 14% in 2022, and experts project an additional 18% growth by the end of 2023. In fact, global EV battery demand alone expanded by a whopping 65% in 2022. However, finding charging stations continues to present a problem. While the number of charging stations for EVs continues to grow, there’s only about one EV charging station for every gas station in the U.S., with each gas station averaging 4-8 pumps. This means only 1 EV charging station exists for every 4-8 gas pumps, which is a 1:4 ratio, at best.

Of course, connecting all of these charging stations to renewable energy sources as some suggest would also be a monumental undertaking.

The total fleet of EVs (excluding two/three-wheelers) grows from almost 30 million in 2022 to about 240 million in 2030 in the Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS), achieving an average annual growth rate of about 30%. In this scenario, EVs account for over 10% of the road vehicle fleet by 2030. Total EV sales reach over 20 million in 2025 and over 40 million in 2030, representing over 20% and 30% of all vehicle sales, respectively.

The battery range problem has been solved. And Tesla has nearly cracked the time needed to recharge-200 miles in 15 minutes with a Tesla Supercharger.

Are more charger stations needed? In my burg [Las Cruces, NM] of 100,000 there are 3 Tesla charging stations. The one I see all the time is located between city hall & the library. That one can only charge 2 vehicles at a time. Tesla plans to open a 4th location sometime this year.
I went to & entered Las Cruces NM. 28 locations including Teslas. Approximately 2/3 with 2 vehicle capacity & the remainder with 4 vehicle capacity. Certainly much less than gas station gasoline pumps.
And some locations have a parking station fee over & above the electricity cost.
I assume most local EV owners have a 240 volt charging station in their home.
But those traveling by the city very well find it a hassle to charge their EV. Most charging station are at motels or auto dealers. Only one at a restaurant [Chick-fil A].

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I am seeing them put at Truck stops also.


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There’s a 15-stall supercharger station currently under construction at 2702 E Amador Ave. Should be open within the next few weeks from what I read.

For those traveling through, the nearest superchargers are currently

  • Deming, on I-10 to the west
  • El Paso, on I-10 to the south
  • Truth or Consequence on I-25 to the north


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All 28 can be used by Tesla cars. In fact, Tesla includes the J1772 to NACS converter with the purchase of their vehicles.

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There seems to be a place on the Tesla website where you can suggest where they should build a SuperCharger…

There is! :magnet:

The Captain

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