Deutsche Bank Analyst High on $TSLA Berlin

Note: This is the news I alluded to Rob yesterday. Note this is not the article I alluded to, just the news. My questions: Where is the uptake, the demand, the registrations for these better built Model Ys? I’m seeing falloff in Tesla market share in China and Europe.

In the article I read, the analyst went into great detail as to the build of Model Ys in Berlin, claiming the Teslas built there are better than anything coming out of China or the USA. I’ve got a full day ahead. I’ll try to find that article when I come back home.

Yahoo headline: Tesla stock is set to rip higher, analyst says after visiting Germany Gigafactory
Brian Sozzi
Brian Sozzi·Anchor, Editor-at-Large
Mon, August 29, 2022 at 12:22 PM·2 min read…

“We hosted investors last week in Berlin for a guided tour of Tesla’s new Gigafactory, test drives of the Model Y Performance at high speed on the Autobahn, and a meeting with Head of IR Martin Viecha,” Rosner wrote. “We came away with the sense that Tesla’s new localized vehicle production in Europe could be a game-changer, making Tesla to an even more formidable competitor in the region, while likely boosting the company’s gross margins. The plant is already capacitized to produce 500k Model Y per year, but currently only staffed with 2 shifts; Tesla plans to increase to 4 shifts and full production sometime in 2023.”

He added that the company acknowledged production risk related to a potential gas crisis in Germany amid the Ukraine-Russia war while also asserting that the company has flexibility in terms of global vehicle production.

I’m seeing falloff in Tesla market share in China and Europe. – PT

Of course you are!

When you have practically the entire market, new entrants will sell something and you lose share.

More importantly, Tesla sales and profits are rising quickly. (Tesla had a brief cut in production due to Shanghai lockdowns recently, but that’s back up.)

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