$TSLA: Catches Fire In EU Deliveries & Breakout!

Tesla moved back into 2nd place for EU deliveries for this current quarter, Q3 2022.

Five or six weeks ago, Tesla was at 2.5%.

Definitely some end of quarter stuffing going on here now:

Tesla at 8.0% market share of all 15 EU countries which supply the registration info to this website.

Congrats to you $TSLA longs for your conviction.


Also, $TSLA breaks out on the daily and weekly charts today. Would like to see some consolidation soon as other EV stocks are showing big moves as well and it’s like a FOMO moment in EV stocks as this sector outperforms Tech overall.

$TSLA daily chart (broke out from down trendline)


$TSLA weekly chart (broke out above horizontal resistance)


$TSLA monthly chart


Congrats to you $TSLA longs for your conviction. – PT

The more ya know…

In this case, there are several major (perhaps unlikely) risks:

  • Something bad happens to Musk

  • China does something severe. Invade Taiwan, shut down US companies in China. Stuff like that.

  • Major war, major pestilence, major social upheaval… stuff like that.

  • Federal Reserve, or other major Federal, foul up.

You’ll note that only one of them are specific to Tesla. All other risks I see are minor. Tesla is on a roll that “the competition” will not be able to respond to in the 2020s. Maybe later. Maybe not.

Wild card: Seems crazy, but if the Tesla robot meets it’s functional goal anytime in the 2020s, it’ll be bigger than Tesla vehicles. I think it’s a high probability, but I don’t figure it into any of my investment planning. Musk says he’ll have a robot intro at the end of this month. And production in 2023. I doubt 2023. But I think a useful (factory worker performing human function, perhaps a home assistant), “cheap” ($100k?) robot will show up in this decade.

If I were a random reader of the above, I’d think “This guy is nuts.” LOL. And while there has always been a bit “nuts” with me, there is a lot of rationale behind this investment. How will the market value Tesla’s growing cash flow? THAT is something I don’t know. Hopefully a lot. LOL

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