Diana Shipping announces warrants offer

Diana Shipping (DSX) has announced an offer of warrants to shareholders - one warrant per 5 DSX shares held as of 12/06/2023. Then, for each exercise of warrant at exercise price, one receives a 1/2 share of DSX.

Diana Shipping Inc. Announces Pro-Rata Distribution of Warrants to Purchase Common Stock - Diana Shipping Inc.).

Hmm?? I have received a handful of such offers. The only one that was simple and strightforward was DHT tankers.
Have a small DSX position with Schwab - this will be my first such offer with them as a broker. TBD


Just an update on this. Similar to a DHT-related event with TD Ameritrade, there is nothing I had to do myself for the event. There was a stock dividend event that increased my DSX stock position. And a new line item shows up in my Schwab ac - DSX warrants.
I know someone on SeekingAlpha who had a bad experience with related party, OceanPal (OP), and so they just sold the warrants as soon as he received his DSX warrants. This whole concept is new for me, so I am just going to hold onto my DSX warrants for now. I have a window to exercise these warrants, so there is no urgency. At least, I feel there is no urgency,

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