Did I previously miss this news?

I may need to buy some Powerball tickets to swing a Disney Park ticket:



P.S. I actually may liquidate some Disney collectables.

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As I always say, I feel badly for DIS fans when this happens. As a shareholder, I guess I understand it, but as the article points out, maybe the company can just continue to give more bang for the extra buck.

Do you have a big collection of DIS stuff? I’ve never really collected DIS but have enjoyed purchasing some of the company’s older video games, and comic books (I remember going into a comic book shop and picking up a “The Black Hole” comic…never knew there was a comic version of that classic…)

I have several hundred older Limited Edition and Artist Proof Disney Pins. I also have Limited Edition Watches, Animation Art, Snow Globes, First Day Release Walt Disney Stamp, and a Roy O Disney autographed Fantasia 2000 Hollywood Premier program.

There are also a few everyday fun items like an office desk set, coffee mugs, Mickey Mouse bank, etc…


P.S. And importantly I have invested in good 24/7 monitored alarm system. °O°