Diesel vs gasoline vs jet fuel

Petroleum product shortages may be ahead as motorists, truck drivers, farmers and airlines are grappling with increasing demand for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Despite refiners focusing on diesel in lieu of gasoline this spring, a global diesel shortage is looming.

Refiners are planning to spend the summer increasing jet fuel and diesel production instead of gasoline because refining oil into diesel or jet fuel is currently more profitable than making gasoline despite those fuels historically being the least profitable parts of the barrel. Currently, the profit margin on distillates is nearly $60 a barrel, while the margin to make gasoline is $34. As a result, it is unclear what the availability or price of gasoline will be this summer as Americans increase gasoline demand by taking vacations as school lets out.



Ironically we’re seeing relative bargains on aviation gasoline in the Portland area.

Traditionally you pay about a $2/gal premium for avgas vs. unleaded automotive fuel.

Cheapest gas station near me is $4.93/gal. Cheapest avgas is $5.95/gal at the airport in Scappose OR.




Good to hear about the jet fuel being a priority. I am heading to Ireland no matter what.