Discover Radio Ad

This morning on the radio Discover card was saying you get a certain perk in their program. I am interested in your takes on this.

We could all do ourselves a favor here.

Turns out Discover will work with ten entities of sorts that sell your data to marketers. Meaning the people who supply the spamming emails and phone marketers, perhaps the marketing in your mailbox.

How would we go to these 10 entities and stop the usage of our data ourselves?

You can’t. It is Discover’s data and they can sell it to whomever they choose. Don’t get their card and they can’t sell your data.


I thought of that but it would be foolish to put on a radio ad if that were the case. Talk about the ridicule and fraud cases that would come out of that.

If that is the truth the lawyers will let us know by issuing class action suits.

This seems to be ten entities in the business of selling our data.

There is ONE source obtaining the data. They then allow others (no limit to just ten–WHY would it be JUST ten?) to resell it. The reseller may have analyzed/chopped-up the original data into more “target market” groupings, thus making the data they sell more valuable to each individual market.


I am asking all of that as well. Just heard this ad by Discover.

Be cool if they get sued for fraud later. But they have to be smarter than that?

Of course. Accepting and using their card also means accepting their Terms and Conditions–which includes their right to collect and resell the data collected.

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But the terms of the new offer become fraud. I get their lawyers might not know the difference. HaHaHa!

Or worse for them the marketing department has messed up big time. Just because you sign the terms does not mean they get to defraud you in their offers.