Disney Analyts' Meeting at WDW Today

Walt Disney Company is holding an analyts meeting today for an expected 100+ financial industry insiders.

It will be interesting to see the results on the outlook for the Company.


Can’t wait to hear what is discussed (I didn’t realize it was scheduled for today; presumably news flow will be out soon, if not already, I haven’t checked DIS news for the day yet). Let’s hope we hear about theatrical, including thoughts about “Avatar” coming up this year, and new streaming news.

I haven’t had a chance to read the minutes of the meeting yet, but from the Bloomberg and CNBC chatter the meeting actually featured more information about the theme parks than any other part of the business.

Based on the theme park numbers the analysts are giving a $190 to $220 per Disney share projections.


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It would not surprise me if Disney wanted analysts, and investors, to focus on recovery growth from the Parks, Resorts and Experiences group and less on Disney+ and streaming.

Who thinks the focus on the latter, almost with blinders by some analysts, has been dragging on the company since 2015…

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