Disney cCloses Theme Park and Resorts

Just when you think it is safe to go back into the water: https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/disney-forced-to-close…

Can’t these guys catch any breaks?


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Indeed, this is tough. It goes to show the pandemic really hasn’t gone away. Even domestically I hope the parks are okay, and aren’t acting as conduits for the virus.

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With China’s Zero-COVID policy, just mentioning COVID in Shanghai could result in a city-wide crackdown. It won’t be indefinite, regardless of what the article implies. China is not interested in shutting down its economy any longer than it has to but it will put public health above the economy any time.

Frankly, I was expecting Hong Kong Disneyland to shut down long before the latest outbreak in Shanghai given the collapse of the COVID-free bubble there.

Who notes meanwhile, Disney World announced this week that it would start accepting applications and restarting the international internship program later this summer which brings young adults from overseas to the Disney parks, especially Epcot’s World Showcase…

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The article you link is dated March 24. In the case of Covid, that is ages ago. What is happening in October?

It should be end of season in China. When do they usually shut down? Fall? New Years?

I don’t put much stock in this report.

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