Dividend Snow Ball alive and well in retirement

Hi all,

New user here who surprisingly has made it to a point where I can post a new post.

I’ll add that I have retired and that my dividend snow ball continues to build even in retirement.

Anyone out there?



Nice new tricks post :wink: What criteria do you use for Dividend Snowball?

Hi FlyingCircus,

“Dividend Snowball” refers to my dividend reinvestment strategy. That is, dividends received are used to by more shares which results in even more dividends to be received going forward. Over time, the process is similar to a snowball rolling down a steep hill and picking up speed as it descends.

So, not really a secret or tricky and not a criteria really.

As a general rule, my goal is to only buy shares of companies whose dividends have/will be growing at a rate of 7% per annum, or more, and that the current dividend yield is at least 3%. That is my “buy” criteria.



Thanks Rich; that’s quite a hurdle rate for historical dividend growth these days.

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