DJCO-Annual Meeting

February 16th at 10:00 PT on Yahoo Financial - virtual meeting


“Please send questions by February 14, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time to the following email address: [].”

Suspect more than a few Alibaba, and other investing in China, related questions will be asked.

The answers will be more than interesting.


Perhaps worth asking about softbank and BABA if there are any DJCO shareholders here?

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Does anyone have the link to Charlies DJCO streaming annual meeting starting in 15 min?

Thanks , ciao

go to either YouTube or try Yahoo finance

Thanks calguy, hope this it.


For some reason it’s not being shown yet.

Its finally on

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A link to the full meeting video…

Can anyone tell what watch Munger is wearing? Look nice! :slight_smile:

Always stylish-Possibly a Patek Philippe?

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Always stylish-Possibly a Patek Philippe?

To big and gaudy to be a Patek. Possibly a Hublot?…

"To(o) big and gaudy to be a Patek. Possibly a Hublot?

Charlie today: “Who in the hell needs a Rolex watch so you can get mugged for it?”

At the same time he was bashing the unwashed masses for buying a Rolex, there he sat with a likely more expensive watch strapped to his own wrist. Some might think that disingenuous. Suppose he would justify it by saying: “Unlike Joe Sixpack, I can afford a 24/7 security detail”.

Munger was on a roll today.

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