Do video games stop violence?

Of course this is not an article on video games but it is an article on a generation of kids who happen to play video games. The correlation to non violence has not been studied yet.

Ignore the mention of a party. This entire thing is non political.


I see TV adverts from “Wounded Warrior Project” almost daily. Horribly disfigured and crippled men, life changed forever. And we know the case for the invasion of Iraq was a lot of hooey. So, who would sign up for a gig like that now?

War is not a video game for a grunt with a rifle. I was talking with a docent at a museum today. He’s a Navy vet. Bombed out of college, and immediately lost his college deferment. Enlisted in the Navy, before the Army drafted him into humping the boonies in "Nam.



One of the worst alcoholics I have ever seen was somewhere in the south western desert commanding drones over Iraq until about 2012. He had the equivalent of shell shock. PSTD??? But maybe worse because he was feeling so guilty. Also he had no guys to fall back on because he worked alone with a computer monitor.

There have been at least one study that those guys were going through hard times as if they had been on the front. Early comments on such commitments made it sound like a video game.


“top recruiting obstacle”

Biggest obstacle is … tons of alternatives. Even the least educated “kid” can get $15-20/hr working fast food nowadays.

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The negative opinions of the young generation toward military service are realistic. They are exacerbated by movies and TV shows that dramatize the problems (such as PTSD in veterans). By contrast, the military has few positive media shows to counteract the negative. (Such as “Top Gun.”)

In addition to this problem, new study from the Pentagon shows that 77% of young Americans would not qualify for military service without a waiver due to being overweight, using drugs or having mental and physical health problems.

It’s a good thing that the U.S. is surrounded by oceans and friendly neighbors. If we were invaded by a determined imperial power we’d be doomed.



Biggest obstacle is the majority of “fighting age” are obese/over weight.

Now if life imitates art and Star Trek “Taste of Armageddon” becomes reality, it won’t matter.

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