OT: US Gun Violence by Region


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An interesting take on gun violence by region, although this is the first time I’ve encountered the U.S. broken up into these particular regions (which the author explains).

I thought it was an interesting read.


Of course, the reds will reply “we have freeedom”, which includes the apparent “freeedom” to gun down anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable.



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Yep NPR two weeks ago was on about how rural gun violence is worse than urban gun violence rates. Specifically talking the homicide rates.

If you are ejit enough to have everyone holding a gun well d’uh! All those good guys do know how to shoot each other eventually.

And at $7.25 an hour why not?

You can not fix stupid.

The very stupid are the reason Social Security is running in the red. If you never pay most of the income ladder more over the course of decades no kidding the system does not work. Keeping people poor means taxes are not collected. ??? “Keeping people poor”??? Really making most people in certain states poorer every year…well those poor people line up to be poor. It is a choice. Do not kid yourself the bottom rung up through the bottom 80% of earners are not making that choice to be poorer each year.


Meanwhile, in the “woke-free zone”, where people have “freeedom”, another delivery driver drove up the driveway of the wrong address, and was shot at.


For decades, Ms. Wolf and I have gone door-to-door every election cycle for the local politicians we support.

We’ve had lots of great discussions with people who, interestingly, mostly have opposing views (no need to discuss things with people we agree with, I guess). Only once have we been yelled at to get off someone’s porch, which we promptly did.

Next year we’re working the phone banks.