DocuSign: User experience

A brief note, as I have seen this company/stock discussed.

My work recently began using this software, and requiring all staff to use it. I am no tech person, but I appreciate simple, effective software that is efficient and easy to use (accomplish the task).

Docusign: Fail. Clunky. Not intuitive. Many steps that seem unneeded. Poor/unclear instructions. Not-helpful “help” menus. It goes on about sending an “envelope” before you sign the document… Envelope? What? Why? I don’t want that. . . I just want to digitally sign a routine document!

I suspect this is the common software problem of an application having the ability to do major/complex things, when I want it to do a simple, routine thing over and over.

At any rate, I can’t stand it, it is annoying . . . literally would take a fraction of the time to print, wet-ink sign, and scan the document. . . which defeats the entire purpose.

Better: Adobe “Certify” PDF documents. Takes seconds. Is simple, easy, intuitive. Blows DocuSign out of the water, absolutely no contest.

Just this user’s experience. . . i would never invest in Docusign. Adobe, yes I believe I would.


I cannot disagree further.
I am designing a workflow based on DocuSign APIs
Even though my particular requirement has been complex It has been a really enjoyable experience.
The API documentation is great.
The developer evangelists have been awesome
I attended their focused seminars and they have been super helpful
Their support in the form of REST/SOAP/Class Libraries has been “just working”
Overall a very sticky software that the enterprise is building upon and i can see it as being a foundational platform(for my company) for the next decade.

Super Long DOCU.


I have to strongly disagree as well. I had used Docusign in the past, mainly for signing mortgage related documents, but our company recently started using it due to the number of people working remotely. I work in the pharma industry and had no idea previously that they have a 21 CFR compliant module.

I can upload a document and within a matter of a couple minutes send it out to multiple people for signatures without ever having to leave my office. Saves an enormous amount of time. We use it frequently now even when people are on site because it’s just so convenient. I found the interface very easy to navigate.