Dogs more reliable at detecting COVID than PCR and home antigen test

And dogs can process and report the results within seconds.

I’d like to see this in the TSA line at the airport to weed out infected passengers. No doubt it would be a youtube bonanza. {{ LOL }}



To me Covid is like catching a cold for most if that or catching the flu for some of you.

We do not have threads on the common cold.

Corona viruses are cold bugs. Only a very few are dangerous. Covid is not dangerous. Or like the flu yes a few people do die every year but the vast majority of us go about our lives.

As a good English doctor would say, “you are perfectly fine get out of the bed. No wasting time you are not sick”!!! That actually is the surest way to send someone home to heal and get over their recent malady. Old medical doctor psychology.

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You have no idea what you are talking about. This type of nonchalance continues to contribute to the death toll. The vascular side effects alone are enough to give me pause, not to mention the large number of people who can no longer work due to long Covid. Your post is irresponsible to say the least. You should spend more time thinking before you respond, and perhaps stay silent on some issues


By about March/April of 2020, any doctor…English or not…who sent a patient with symptoms of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome home to heal would rightly be considered incompetent.

My husband saw what was probably Covid in late January. Admitted to the ICU for ECMO (Google will help you)…along with acute liver and renal failure. Most certainly not your usual presentation of a common cold or even flu.


I am talking in August 2023.

Has next to zero to do with Omicron. Omicron does not go the same way into the lungs as Delta was. At that point the pandemic narrows down to pretty much a cold or a cold with heavier symptoms.

Coronas are cold bugs. Yes a few are much more serious from time to time. Still cold bugs. There are about 200 of them that are cold bugs.

Delta to survive had to mutate to spread faster and not kill the host. That is the path for all viruses to survive weaken and spread faster. That is why cold bugs are mostly just a pain.

No doctor would have kicked any Covid patient out of ward that way in April 2020.

In August 2023 if you are getting “much better” from Covid while in a hospital bed just get up and leave the hospital. Don’t wait for the doctor to get rid of you.

You know to repeat, “much better”. Try not to quote me wrong.

Ah, it’s now you’re talking about … now. You weren’t so explicit upstream.

However, you’re still probably well off the mark in relegating Covid to the level of the common cold. While it’s true that we no longer have the news coverage, level of surveillance …or even threads on the topic (so there’s some similarity)… the impact on the health of anyone infected still has a stronger potential for acute and long term harm than any of the viruses associated with the common cold. Well, according to the virologists on TWiV…but what do they know :thinking:


nah, the studies are saying all long term symptoms end within one year.

I am not including pre omicron cases.

I’m not sure what you mean by “the studies”? Most everything that’s drifted across my radar screen (and fact checked with the family members who have a take) tend toward uncertainty. Mind you, I haven’t done a specific lit. search restricted to “studies that show long term symptoms end in a year”

And something to remember…or be aware of if you didn’t know…the omicron variants that are inevitably going to be around in the indeterminate future aren’t guaranteed to be that similar or necessarily less virulent than those circulating now. Or what you believe omicron to be.

That’s how these +ve-sense, single strand RNA virus with a high replication rate evolve.

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The first time this Israeli study was reported the language was simple, within a year the symptoms were gone. Now the language has a bit of hedging but still usually the symptoms are gone within a year.

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A bit hedging? Yep, quite a bit. The weasel word “many” and then the subtitle, “At least among people who had mild COVID-19.” Hmm, what’s mild? A cough or two? Sneezing? A little fever?

And of course, maybe anyone who didn’t have ‘mild’ C-19 should still be concerned?


I guess this is probably the best result available for a search specifically for examples suggesting that post infection symptoms linger for less than a year.

The link to the primary document (which isn’t behind a paywall so available for anyone to scrutinize) specifically states that these symptoms under discussion are from patients who had a mild infection. Considering that, even now, there are people being hospitalised … presumably for non mild infections … I would’ve thought that if a preponderance of studies looking at long covid were finding symptoms were resolving within a year, there’d be some with follow-up after severe covid infections.

I guess that’s why the virologists, epidemiologists, infectious disease experts on TWiV aren’t quite so sure. I’ll continue to be more concerned about Covid than the common cold (but not necessarily flu…don’t know why so many imagine that to be an innocuous infection)

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Once symptoms appear, you have entered the acute stage. You may have fever, cough and other COVID-19 symptoms. Active illness can last one to two weeks if you have mild or moderate coronavirus disease, but severe cases can last months. Some people are asymptomatic, meaning they never have symptoms but do have COVID-19.Jan 24, 2022

my comment we are still not talking years.

Yep. That’s the thing with articles about studies…or more likely, articles about the study’s press release. The one that gets circulated to these science writers via various list serves but appears in most media outlets…NYT, WaPo, Mail Online, Time etc…in near identical cut and paste format (a bit like a bunch of 8th graders trying to short cut a report on an historical event using Wikipedia)

Very rarely do these banner headlined articles comport with the actual primary document. Doesn’t seem to matter since the banner headlines work…even if folk read beyond the headline, it’s rarely beyond the article…so the erroneous beliefs persist.