I am dying. We can get this over the hard way or the hard way.

Leap1, are you sick with Covid?
If so, I hope you feel better soon.



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Wendy and Lurkermom

I was rough with the firsts morning of it. But now in the later part of the day it has calmed down considerably.

My BIL has had it seven days and it is bad. Sister had it in Ireland and not so bad.

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Leap, I hope you and family are feeling better very soon.

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Better soon, and when better do not presume too much but get better still!

d fb

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mostlylong and fb,


I am doing well this morning. No pains, just a stuffy head.

Five days of isolation followed by five days with a mask.

My viral load is not bad, if the symptoms matter.


A hundred thousand plus are dying of COVID each year - mostly seniors. I think I saw it was 200,000 last year.

I hope all are awaiting getting the new Omicron specific vaccines - now available at many pharmacies in the US. No charge. Got mine last week.

You still need to take reasonable precautions. Going to large crowded spaces for hours not necessarily a good idea.

Even if you are vaxxed, you can still catch it - vaccine is not 100% and new variants show up, but you are significantly less likely to die or suffer major complications Fortunately, new anti-viral meds out, too, if you get it quick enough.

Get well quick Leap.


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Thanks t

In CT the average number of deaths in all age groups since the beginning of April has been 3 per day. We are over 3 million people.

Omicron is not much of a threat.

Yes, everybody remember even if vaccinces make it a milder event it still really sucks. I am the only one of my circle of friends who has not had it, even my cautious husband getting nailed during a small reception after his wildly popular concerts in Spain.

david fb

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Did you ask your doctor for paxlovid?
I did and it really helped



I am 59. I did talk to the doctor’s nurse this morning.

My case is mild after all. I am feeling much better today. This is less than many a cold or flu.

Paxlovid is usually for those over 65 or 70. It is much less effective in younger people. It has a rebound effect about 20% of the time if that is what caused the rebound.

Thanks for your concern. The nurse sort of agreed with me about all of that and in my case did not think Paxlovid would necessary but offered to ask the doctor. I declined.

Worked well for me. Awful taste in your mouth for a few days. Burnt Oranges and copper

Paxlovid. Worked well for me. Awful taste in your mouth for a few days. Burnt Oranges and copper.

Copper taste I understand. What is Burnt Orange?


Copper taste I understand. What is Burnt Orange?

Maybe taking Paxlovid with St. Joseph Baby Aspirin?

Just kidding…

What is Burnt Orange?

The taste of a sweaty University of Texas football jersey.

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