FYI. Now may be a good time to donate some BRKB shares.

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A group that helps with the Ukraine situation might be nice.
Just a 2-cent suggestion.

Random links for inspiration




Have you vetted any/all of these?

It’s a rare charity I donate to without knowing at least someone in the administration or board. And with Covid, the on-line 990s are more out of date all the time…

ready to reach out

Have you vetted any/all of these?

Fist two, yes.

The third, CORE, is a recent find of my spouse’s so I personally know less about it.
Founded by Sean Penn. Formerly known as the J/P Haitian Relief Organization, focus most on disaster relief.
At the moment, handing out cash and hygiene kits to people arriving in Poland.

A more general comment–
Normally I’m all about the best bang for the buck, with deep diligent research.
But I figure that with 10 million people out of their homes it’s OK to spray a little money around
and take the risk of funding some groups that aren’t top decile in efficiency.
As long as they’re not dodgy, of course.


The ones I contributed to so far are:

UNHCR forget what it stands for

IRC International Rescue Committee

WFP which stands for World Food program

International Fund for Animals

There are other charities out there such as CARE and Save the Children.

I researched online and felt comfortable that the money was going to provide help and services to those in need in Ukraine and the surrounding countries who are taking the refugees.  They need all the help they can get.

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International Rescue Committee:
Headed by David Milliband, former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, UK
I’ve been donating since the Syria crisis