Don't drive in the rain if you have a Tesla

Scotland had a lot of rain recently:

Not surprised the insurance on these is so high:

I’m sticking with petrol :slight_smile:


and gold. :sweat_smile:

The Captain


Ever had a soda in your gas tank? Neither have I but I have heard from a mechanic how badly that ends.

Hardly a normal occurrence. However, heavy rain is normal.


I am really curious about what really happened… I have friends who have frequently driven Teslas through flooded streets and no problem…

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Yah. Me, too.



Is a Tesla shorting in heavy rain a normal occurrence?

And just for the record, what was Tesla’s response? Do they have an opinion on what happened that is perhaps different than the customer?

It seems like we’d need that information to make an informed opinion.

The lesson is that if anything ever happens to one car of a particular model, you should never buy that model. Of course, the end result of that logic is never buying any car at all.


The problem for a Tesla might be if you open the door. If a cabin electronic shorts out then what? I am sure some of them are on a separate circuit…but…if all of them short out?

Similar problem for ICE if the cabin is submerged.


Water from rain is the kind of thing engineers can fix easily once they are aware of the problem. No big deal.

On the other hand if they drove through standing water, they got what was expected. Not Tesla’s fault. Their stupidity.


It’s been all over the UK press/News here – Tesla can’t be too happy about it

“After finally getting to speak to a manager, he told me it had water in it due to the fact the weather in Scotland has been so bad.
"That was the issue. They said it’s not necessarily my fault but it’s not Tesla’s to pay under warranty. He reminded me there was a yellow weather warning in some parts of Scotland.

Scotland has recently had some very heavy rain, I suspect that the roads were covered in water and that spray was sucked into the car somehow:

Forecasters said the “persistent and occasionally heavy rain” would be less heavy than last week, but rain falling onto already saturated ground “may lead to further flooding in places”.
Spray and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and road closures, with the Met Office also warning of possible delays and cancellations to train and bus services.

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I have driven through standing water dozens of times in my ICE. Occasionally I didn’t even realize it was water, it just looked like “wet road.” Methinks if a car is that vulnerable to a common weather issue it needs to be designed to overcome it, not have sanctimonious people blame the driver instead of the design engineers.

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A friend drove his pickup truck through standing water. Water was sucked into the engine in the air intake. He learned the hard way that water does not compress very well in an engine.

They told him pickups need special equipment to drive in water.

Driving in water is a bad idea in more ways than merely safety.

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It is hard to tell if this is an actual problem or not. This is just a guy’s claim with no backup. The reporter didn’t talk to the dealer or to Tesla. We didn’t see an invoice. It is just what this guy said happened. He could have been driving through water up to the door handles for all we know.


Deleted because I’m wrong.


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The headline said 33, so I’d go with accurate.


The Electric Viking seems to be an EV specialist. He points out some interesting flaws in this. However, Tesla have been very quiet over this given the headlines around the world:

You crack me up. You have one unconfirmed story and blown that all the way up to “headlines around the world.”


I am often a critic of Tesla but it is simply silly to conflate one or even a handful of such cases to mean anything more than what is very likely a simple one-off manufacturing defect - but it is also a situation where Tesla should have willingly covered it under warranty if for no reason other than to kill it becoming a story.

I certainly would not chose to avoid buying a Tesla or any other EV based on this - heck nearly all petrol vehicles would have died (and often do) in much less water.

Anyone making a decision based on this story was biased from the start is simply looking for confirmation of their bias.






If the story is true then I agree with Hawkwin, Tesla should have ‘killed’ the story. Either the guys making this up or it’s a one off defect.

Someone once wrote that there is no such thing as bad publicity :slight_smile:

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