Don't you just hate that

… when you take a 5-minute pause from fighting for your financial life in the stock market, listen to the pure silence all around you, and then realize that everyone but you sold out last winter, and you’re the only schmuck left in the market to fight off all the banks, brokers and gazillionaires all by your lonesome, and that you were extra stupid to wonder why all your friends are long gone from the Market Cafe, and then, while waiting to wake up from this nightmare it suddenly dawns on you that you’re wide awake and this ain’t no dream, so you’d better find a better way to get your retirement funded now, and then you try to watch the news for a change of pace and every story is about wars, genocide, corporations downsizing, personnel layoffs and bankruptcies galore, or the cartoon politicians doing things you never dreamed possible, all without being arrested, and then you find out that the biggest car manufacturer in the world stopped making the chip that lets your sports car start, that no one anywhere has any, new or used, and you now have a very pretty doorstop in the drive if it ever comes out of the shop via tow truck, but you did a little day-trading today so you can eat well tonight at least, but you had to short gold miners to do it, and it’s 99 deg F outside so you have to stay inside or roast, but you don’t want to complain because in the north and south they’re flooding, and European rivers have all baked away so they can’t drink, can’t manufacture and wildlife is dying there and really, all over the planet, and who knows what the hell’s going on in Cali?

Hey, if there’s anyone here, have a good day!


I love it!
More to come.


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…realize that everyone but you sold out last winter, and you’re the only schmuck left in the market…

There are at least 2 of us, still fully invested in all the wrong companies for the past 10 months (at least per market results).


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…and then realize that everyone but you sold out last winter

You are not alone. They didn’t sell on that SaaS board and are reporting finishing August around -50%!

I also didn’t sell and I’m at -22.5%… That’s painful but I think I learned a few things along the way. I never invested in a period of high inflation and we can see that the rules of this stock market game are dependent on what the FED does.

What I remember from other bear market is that it feels like everything is bad and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But things will improve at some point, the market will climb that wall of worry. We will be fine.


I sold out last winter. People mocked me for buying I-bonds and Treasuries.

Thanks for your great stand-up routine!

Wendy (likes to sleep well)

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No surprise there, Wendy; I always knew you were smarter than the average bear. Alas, I am not. (I also don’t sleep well.) Double whammy for Dan!

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