Portugal dumpster & recycling bins

Old dumpsters on the way out:

Early recycling: yellow, plastic, green, glass; blue, cardboard & paper

On the street where I live: orange, cooking oils; big round dumpster, home litter; far end light blue, clothes

The latest! A small top and a huge underground container

The Captain


The other corner from my place. These are the next to last dumpsters/recycling bins, they have a large underground container like the newer ones. These are decorated with pebbles, others have wood finishes.

The closest to the camera is for cardboard & paper. Next to it are discarded pieces of furniture. What scavengers don’t pick up the sanitation department will get rid of. They often have to clean up the place. No one seems to be bothered.


My building is to the right behind the high power line tower. Away from city centers there are still lots of overhead cables. This tower replaced a shorter one about a year ago. It might have been on account of the construction at the other end of the street.

The big white building houses the Spanish Mercadona supermarket, about two years old. They have the politest staff of any local supermarket, good prices, and good merchandise.

To the left of the picture is a small brook. No shortage of water in these parts!

The Captain